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When our IPhone’s and smart phones alike double as a camera, who needs to purchase a Nikon? If you are a visual person, capturing the moment in a split second is now made easy via cell phones. What makes this trend even timelier is the social media outlets used to share your picture perfect moments with friends and followers in an instant.


Being in the social media market, the amount of mobile usage is staggering to say the least. With the roll out of Instagram, a social media application you can install on your smart phone or tablet, users are able to instantly share images with their followers, similar to the likes of Facebook and Pinterest, but in a simpler format. Instagram is photos only!


What does this mean for your business or organization? Instagram is a vital resource to aid in showcasing to your clients images of what you offer, what is going on in your company and reasons why they should work with you. Many of us can more easily grasp the importance and impact of a product or service by seeing it first hand instead of reading or hearing about it. If clients are able to view exactly what it is your promoting, they will become instantly more interested.


Take a look at how Rescigno’s Marketing Connections takes advantage of Instagram!

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