Business Blogging or FB, FB or Blogging…You Decide…for So Many Reasons We Already Have

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10.  Blogging’s More Reliable…no fast and furious changes like Facebook.  Your blog is you, steady, reliable, a constant.

9.  More RoI…If done correctly, the time you invest in your blog always pays off.

8.  Search Engine Optimization…FB contributes nothing to SEO, while blogging improves rankings for searches, links,  and key word optimization.

7. Articles that Won’t Go Away…FB updates last only for several days; your blog articles will still be found for weeks, months, even years after you publish them.

6.  You Be the Judge…FB determines who sees your updates.  Everyone has access to your updated blogs.

5.  From the Mothership..FB simply faciltates your distribution and promotion of content, while your blog literally “takes off” from your mothership (knowledge base) enabling you to publish the content that has  established you as a thought leader.

4.  Provide More of What’s Important…When will FB fans “like” your brand?  When you have something of value to offer.   Your blog, on the other hand,  gives your audience added value via tips, advice, and teaching about new trends 24/7.

3.Click, Click, Click…FB links are usually ignored.  Interesting blog links, on the other hand, get “clicked” much more often.

2.  Cast the Net…On FB, you can only reach those who “like” you.  Blogging allows you to reach  email, site visitors, and all social networks and news feeds.

1.  And Last, But Really First…When you blog,  you’re in charge!  Do what you want to do, not what FB wants you to do.

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Ron Rescigno

About Ron Rescigno

Ron is responsible for new sales, research and copywriting of materials for the annual fund, campaign material and various in-house marketing materials such as email marketing. Ron holds a BA in English from Lewis College and an MA in Educational Administration from Governors State University. Prior to joining Rescigno’s, Ron spent 23 years in private high school education as both a teacher and administrator. Ron, like his wife Sue, also recently was honored for his involvement with the board of the Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn for which he has been the vice president for the last 6 years and recently completed a 9-year tenure on the board of St. Linus Grammar School.

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