Cross Media Marketing vs. Static Direct Mail

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Response rates to 1:1 and multi-channel marketing campaigns are dependent on the relevancy of the campaign and vary widely dependent on the campaign and data used.  There are 2 keys to increased results:   the first thing is to consider your target market, the second is your offer.

The more targeted your mailing list is the more successful your campaign will be.  It’s important to collect data at every point possible.  Even if you have no more than a mailing list, by using an offer you can collect relevant information on your prospects to make each leg of your campaign more successful.  Track your click through rates and time spent on each part of the site.  Track how and where your leads are interacting with QR Codes.  The more information you collect, the more targeted your campaign can be, and the higher your RoI will be.  Once you complete one program, you can use the data you collect to make the next more targeted,  leading to a continuously improving response rate.


An offer is an excellent driver to motivate a lead to interact with you.  The offer needs to be relevant to the target market and it needs to include enough of a reward to mediate any risk you are asking the prospect to take.    In short, the offer needs to be targeted based on whether your goal is to acquire new clients or retain and grow current ones.


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Ron is responsible for new sales, research and copywriting of materials for the annual fund, campaign material and various in-house marketing materials such as email marketing. Ron holds a BA in English from Lewis College and an MA in Educational Administration from Governors State University. Prior to joining Rescigno’s, Ron spent 23 years in private high school education as both a teacher and administrator. Ron, like his wife Sue, also recently was honored for his involvement with the board of the Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn for which he has been the vice president for the last 6 years and recently completed a 9-year tenure on the board of St. Linus Grammar School.

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